Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm 20!

I can't believe that I'm 20! I sure don't feel it or look like it! Yesterday to celebrate my birthday, my mom and I went to NYC. We went to see a Broadway play called American Idiot. It is a play with ALL Green Day songs. The play is about a guy named Johnny who is a starving musician. He leaves his home and gets into drugs. He also meets the girl of his dreams. Johnny also has two good friends. One stayed home and did nothing but drink and do drugs after he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant. His other friend went off to the war and ended up getting hurt and had one of his legs amputated. At the end, Johnny comes back to all his friends, gets a job, and realizes that he has messed up and he's an idiot. It was an AMAZING play! The plot may sound a little iffy, but all the performers had very talented voices and the acting was incredible. The best part was I was in the 5th row! We could see the sweat and see the actors spitting when they sang. I would highly recommend this show!

After the play we ate at Junior's which is known for their desserts. Although we didn't get dessert our dinner was delicious. Overall I had a great birthday weekend! :)

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