Sunday, December 5, 2010

And these last two weeks begin...

Only 2 weeks until Winter Break! It cannot come any faster!! I'm excited to celebrate Christmas with my family and not worry about school. But first I must make it through these next two weeks.

I have three presentations due this week! That means a lot of work and practice! Tuesday I have my Communication Disorder online class presentation. It is a 20-30 minute presentation on Early Intervention in Speech-Language Pathology. On Wednesday I have my Educational Psychology presentation that last 10 minutes. Our 12 or so page paper is also do that day. We will presenting topics in Educational Psychology that relates to how to teach kickball. My last presentation for the week is for my Honors Coll class. I have to present about medical history and an interview for15 minutes. Luckily all of these presentations are with a partner or group, so I don't have to give any by myself. Also, this week I have my Spanish speaking part of my final which I will be speaking Spanish for about 10 minutes with my professor. Wish me luck!

Next week is finals week! I will be taking 4 finals (Sociology, Communication Disorders, Spanish, and Educational Psychology).... so I need to start studying!

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