Sunday, January 25, 2015

KDF Half-Marathon Training 2015: Week Two

Week Two was a good one! Although I only ran 3 days and wasn't feeling too well a few of the days, I say it went well. I had Monday off so Sarah and I met up and went for a 4 mile run together. I have to say I was secretly dying on the inside, but hey, its the beginning of training. That's normal, right?? Saturday was a great group run at Big 4 Bridge. It was originally supposed to be a 4 mile run across the bridge, some in Indiana and then back, but there was no sign to turn around, so I added a little extra to my run :). I'm impressed with myself that I ran up those hilly ramps and ran the entire time! I really liked that route and I hope I can run that again. That was my first time running on the Indiana side and you get such a great view of downtown Louisville. Here's how my week went...

1-18-15: Walked 2.4 miles; 30 minute Yoga video
1-19-15: Ran 4 miles 38:25; walked 1.5 miles; 35 minute Yoga video 

1-20-15: Ran 2 miles 20:00; strength legs/abs
1-21-15: Walking TM uphill 30 minutes; strength arms/abs 
1-22-15: OFF
1-23-15: Walked 4 miles uphill 60:00 TM; walked 2 miles 
1-24-15: Ran 4.6 miles 43:26; Power Vinyasa Yoga Class 60 minutes

Total Mileage: 10.6 

Another note...I tried out a new Yoga Studio called 502 Power Yoga, which is awesome! It's a fast paced vinyasa style yoga. The room is heated to around 90 degrees. It's an awesome workout and I think it will really help me with my running strength and flexibility. 

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