Sunday, January 18, 2015

KDF Half-Marathon Training 2015: WEEK ONE

Hello!! Training has begun. I hope to keep up with this because I've been slacking in the blogging department. I'm excited to be training again. The Derby Festival Mini-Marathon is on April 25th. I'm participating in the group runs on Saturdays which are a great way to run with other people and push yourself (because it's like a mini race ;) ). Yesterday, I met up with Sarah and we went for a little over 3 mile run with the running group. It was relatively flat and a quick run at 9:09 minute pace. With all this studying that I've been doing lately, running is a great break. I'm looking forward to all the group runs. How's your training going?

1-11-15: Ran 2.5 miles TM 24:50; strength arms
1-12-15: Cycling class 30 minutes; strength legs/abs
1-13-15: Elliptical 30 minutes; strength arms/abs
1-14-15: Ran 2.5 miles TM 26:00; strength legs/abs 
1-15-15: Walking TM uphill 30 minutes; strength arms/abs
1-16-15: Walked 2 miles 
1-17-15: Ran 3.2 miles 29:21; 2.4 mile walk 

Total Mileage: 8.2

Saturday Run

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