Sunday, August 4, 2013


I finished a 5K this morning! 
My fastest 5K so far! 

I ran the Walnut Beach 5K in Milford, CT. It was right along the beach and PERFECT conditions. Couldn't get any better! We ran along the beach on a boardwalk which was beautiful. There were around 400 people in the race which was just the right amount of people. 

Want to know the exciting news?! My Mom won 3rd place in her age group! (She beat me by 10 seconds) If we stuck around longer after the race then she would have received a medal. Oh well.  

It was a good race and I'm proud of my accomplishment. I'm trying to figure out the next race I'm going to run. Any ideas? I will have to look in the Louisville area considering that's where I'll be! :)

My Mom caught me in action as I was trying to grab all the stuff to pose for a post-race picture. I wanted to hold up the free razors we got, but decided not to. Ha!

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